After not playing LOTRO for ages (work has been *killing* me lately), I finally made it back onto Dwarrowdelf last night, and got Tasarien up two levels. Killed some orcs with Eowyn, collected acorns for an Ent, same old. 

*sigh* It’s good to be back in Rohan!


I’ve been trying out The Lord of the Rings Online the past few days, and I wanted to play a few minutes ago, so I logged on and someone immediately started talking to me.

So I logged out. 

I don’t play mmo’s to be around people. That’s weird.

LOL!!! Treasure those days, newbie! Or turn on anon so people can’t see you, whatever floats your boat.  Once you’re out of the starter areas no one will bug you except on very special occasions.  

Western Rohan Scenery Porn and Tolkienite Notes, Part 2

The casual stroll from 85 to 95 continues! In this installment I gained a few levels and visited some new places, but I also played around with cosmetics because dat coif.


EDIT: Someone asked me a while back if we get the pretty flowers with every single level up at high levels, and the answer is yes, as you can see.

For the Thrill-Seekers

Now that West Rohan is upon us, I’m gonna throw a question out into the tumblr-void. What crazy, 100%-death-guaranteed things have you done in Middle Earth (on purpose)? Here are some of mine:

-Jumped down the Falls of Rauros because I didn’t realize I could get the exploration deed from Amon Hen. I just wanted to follow Boromir home OK?

-Rode to Galtrev by myself at level 26 on a RK with level 16 armor on.

-Rode to the gates of Isengard by myself at level 42 on a warden

-Ran/rode from the Hollin Gate to Stangard by myself at level 45 on a minstrel

-Jumped off the Beacon of Eaworth.

-Went rock climbing in rebuilt Hytbold and killed myself by getting stuck between some rocks. \m/

-Ran into the Golden Wood to see if the Galadhrim really would kill you (they would, back in the pre-Rohan days.)

-Swam into the Watcher’s pool @ the Hollin Gate to see if the Watcher would come out and kill me.

-Pulled the whole tent of baddies in Dol Dinen for the lulz. (I lived through this one, but I was an end-game warden before HOTs got nerfed). There were so many mobs that I couldn’t see myself.

and the old classic, of course,

-Jumped down the well at the Chamber of the Crossroads to get to the Water-Works quickly…and for the deed.

I’m not including my dozens of deaths in pre-Revamp Moria, because most of those were not intentional. I just fell off things because I’d left autorun on or something stupid like that.

What’s the most insane, death-inviting stunt you’ve pulled in LOTRO?


Holy bajeezuz, Orchalwe’s Mission takes a while to complete eh?

I’ve been on this quest for over two months and I haven’t been able to complete it. :T

Ah, Orchalwe. The first of those walk-with-an-aggro-magnet-NPC-and-he-gives-you-quests nightmares. At least that one doesn’t have an attached deed that no one could get unless they stood within 1 inch of that magical spot in the woods of Dunland…

Have fun! ;)

My reactions to the Warden discussion after the NDA was lifted. I only played in beta for one day, but…this SUCKS.

Warden changes summary - read it and weep

They’re even undoing some of the skills we gained in the last expansion, the ones that made tanking fun again. Why?, why, why???

So, what are your thoughts on the screwy new class trait trees and weird skills? I haven’t even looked at the other classes yet, I’m afraid to. Opinions?

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