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[Posted on 1 October, 2014]
[Posted on 30 September, 2014] New Theme!

Since this is a 100% LOTRO blog, I thought it was time for a LOTRO theme. 

…I might have gone overboard, though. And I’m not even sorry.

EDIT: Added more pics and bios to my character page. Also, I added a LOTRO music player. Now you can not only LOOK like you’re on LOTRO, you can also sound like it. =P

[Posted on 30 September, 2014]

Honestly, you can’t tell who these guys are without the floating name above their heads. They all changed their hair, beard, and ‘stache styles AND changed clothes, which is unusual behavior for NPCs. 

Just don’t get attached, if you’re starting Volume 3. You know only 30 of them will make it to Rohan. 



(( does anyone play lotro here?

While I don’t normally play on Crickhollow, perhaps one of my followers does

Same. I haunt Dwarrowdelf and Gilrain for the most part, but I’ll pass it on. =)

[Posted on 29 September, 2014] Enedwaith

I was so impressed with Enedwaith when I first saw it, that I took a bunch of screenshots and didn’t know what to do with them beyond the original scenery porn dump.

Sometimes, I just had to stop and admire the sky. =)

[Posted on 28 September, 2014]

When I first did the Volume I epic I was surprised and delighted that Turbine took an insignificant little footnote in the canon and used it to fuel a good chunk of Volume 1. It was clever and I love backstory. I didn’t realize just how early the hints had started, though.

How does the Witch King of Angmar get a shield from Gondor’s royal line? If you’ve read the history of the South Kingdom, you know it. =)

[Posted on 27 September, 2014] Class Quest Page Hunt, Part 2

My warden is finished collecting pages! \o/  As promised, here is the location of every page I found after that day in Angmar, for those who need to know where to look.

Chieftains of the Dúnedain:

1 page from a Half-orc Intruder in Filgogân (Walls of Moria - Expedition)
1 page from a Dunlending Labourer in Sâd Rechu (Eregion)
1 page from a Snowreap Berserker in Pinnath Fenui (Misty Mountains)
1 page from Gurzmat in Pinnath Fenui (Misty Mountains)
1 page from an Overland Bomber in Akûltot (Misty Mountains)
1 page from a Gauradan Wolf-born in Erforgh Cleft (Misty Mountains)

Bullroarer’s Boy:

1 page from an Angmarim High Priest in Helegrod Treasury epic (Misty Mountains, Vol. 1 Book 5 Chapter 8)
1 page from a Gabilazan Defender (Misty Mountains - epic instance)
1 page from a Gabilazan Guard (Misty Mountains - epic instance)
1 page from a Gabilazan Defender (Misty Mountains)

The Watch Against the Night:

1 page from a Snowreap Berserker in Pinnath Fenui (Misty Mountains)
1 page from a Gabilazan Foreman (Misty Mountains - epic instance)
1 page from an Overland Stabber in Ghâshru (Misty Mountains)
1 page from a wight in Imlad Balchorth (Angmar)
1 page from a wight in Fervar, Imlad Balchorth (Angmar)
1 page from a Moria Messenger, Snaga-Maudhûl (The Great Delving, Moria)

And that’s another character down! =)

[Posted on 26 September, 2014]

Pictures I Forgot About, Part 4

1. Nafni vs the Balrog
2. Narmirion playing the lute on the South Gate of Old Bree
3. ROI-era Tasarien and her snowman, Frostbluff
4. Noob Aldfrith on the Prancing Pony roof of Old Bree
5. View from the Old Bree auction house rooftop
6. That time my kin took the hobbit to Isengard (Massive Dynamics of Dwarrowdelf)

…I miss roof-jumping across Bree. It was so fun to gather on top of the Auction House roof and emote at the people below, or see how many people we could pile on top of each other @ the South Gate.

[Posted on 25 September, 2014] Your worst memories of LOTRO?

I’m throwing out another question into the void, for funsies. What is your most hated quest or area of LOTRO?

For me, it’s a toss up between escort quests in general, the ‘tracking an old goat’ escort quest/deed thingamabob in Dunland (I think it was fixed, but I haven’t been down that way in a while), and some Hytbold dailies (that one where you have to capture the horses + the fishing ones). Also some parts the of Volume 1 epic.

I haven’t reached level 100 yet, so idk what the new grindfest is like.

As far as areas go…Angmar. Kill it with ALL THE FIRE. It starts out okay in Aughaire and then becomes hell on horseback if you’re solo.

[Posted on 24 September, 2014]

I thought playing Treebeard was cool, and then this happened. We got another session play and helped him, Merry, and Pippin destroy the gate of Isengard and flood it. Awwww yeah! :D

[Posted on 23 September, 2014]

Pictures I Forgot About, Part 3

1. The throne room of Durin VI of Moria

2. Sunrise over the Circle of Despair, Angmar

3. The big plot twist in Volume 1.

4. Isengard post-Ents.

5. Merry and Pippin at Wellinghall, drinking out of bowls bigger than their heads.

[Posted on 22 September, 2014]

If you’re very observant you might notice that his face is familiar…but I’m not saying any more than that. Just know that his fake-out death gave me way too many feels, and then he wasn’t actually dead, and UGH. FEEEEELS.

[Posted on 21 September, 2014]

Why hunt or make weapons when you can play with this cutie for XP?

[Posted on 20 September, 2014]

Pictures I Forgot About, Part 2:

1. Leisurely ride in Dunland
2. Crossing the Bay of Forochel
3. Annuminas underwater
4. More Wildermore
5. Caras Galadhon by night

[Posted on 19 September, 2014]

I made fun of the flower rewards from the last book, or wherever we got those. I am so sorry. XD

P.S., WHY CANDAITH? If I’m going to have a Ranger statue in my house, I want Lothrandir, okay?